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The Genomic Center for Cancer Research & Diagnosis

Created as a Regional/National Facility for all cutting edge imaging applications, the GCCRD is part of the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology (MICB), CancerCare Manitoba, and the University of Manitoba. It began with research into genomic instability and mechanisms of neoplasia, but has since expanded to meet various peoples with differing project needs. Activities of the GCCRD now include projects in molecular biology, cell biology, histopathology, and genetic diseases. The goals of the GCCRD are basic and translational research, as well as the education of students and highly qualified personnel in genomic instability, cancer genetics and imaging.

Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre

Delivering a comprehensive mouse functional genomics resource for discovery & preclinical research. The Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology is an international leader and major innovator in Functional and Cancer Genomics. With the recent completion of the human genome, the next major hurdle for the Human Genome Project will be to discover what these genes do. Given that we know there are as many as 5,000 human diseases with a genetic determinant, this new field of functional genomics will have a tremendous impact on health care and prevention. Our disease focus is clearly cancer.

Manitoba Tumour Bank

Through the support of Cancer Care Manitoba, University of Manitoba, National Cancer Institute of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Guardian Angels, Jean Carter group, Nygård International Ltd., it is our goal to support cancer research locally, nationally and internationally, through provision of anonymized, processed, and annotated cancer tissues and data as appropriate to address specific research questions. To achieve this while adhering to the highest standards for protection of privacy of patients, and promoting the highest scientific and ethical standards for research to benefit all Canadians.

DNA Sequencing Service

The Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology provides a DNA sequencing service. This service is available for investigators at the University of Manitoba and research facilities associated with the University of Manitoba. Initially established in April 1997, the RIOH Sequencing Facility had optimized the sequencing procedure and was able to offer sequencing results at a fraction of the cost at other facilities. This advantage existed for about 10 years; however, as the technology matured our sequencers and throughput could not compete with newer technology. As such, in May 2010 we negotiated an agreement with Eurofins MWG Operon to out source our sequencing requirement to them. .

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS was developed to produce genome sequencing at a reasonable cost. A Next Generation Sequencing platform has been established within the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. This platform, created in partnership with the University of Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the Manitoba Research and Innovation Fund will give Manitoba researchers the tools required to advance discoveries in areas such as epigenetics, cardiovascular research, cancer, diabetes, stem cell biology and other areas of human disease.

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