How to Apply


The deadline for applications to Dental Hygiene for  Fall 2017 2018 is March 1st, 2017


Reference: Undergraduate registration and information regarding admission for 2017-2018

*Note: This package contains information pertaining to Dental Hygiene 2014-2015 applicants. All information contained in this bulletin and on this website are subject to change.


  • Summary of the admission requirements.
  • All admission requirements, as well as application deadline dates and forms, are included in the downloadable application bulletin and also from the Admissions Office, Enrolment Services, 424 University Centre;
  • You may also wish to visit the university's admissions website for further information.
  • The Applicant Information Bulletin provides applicants who are seeking admission to the School of Dental Hygiene with as accurate a description as possible of the selection procedure to be used for the current year.
  • This bulletin is attached to and constitutes part of every application form issued. It must be assumed, therefore, that all applicants have read and understood it prior to submitting the completed application.
  • All information contained in this bulletin and on this website are subject to change.
Brushing Teeth

Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Minimum time to graduate: Three years
(University 1, or satisfaction of prerequisites, plus two years).

The deadline for applications is March 1st of the year in which admission is sought. Submission of all documentation must be made by June 1.

In the case of  special consideration applicants the deadline date for the submission of documents (other than academic transcripts) is April 15. Interviews are held in May. Selection of candidates is mid-June.

Dental Hygiene... a winning year

The "Drive for Top Five" remains strong and alive as the 2010 - 11 Dental Hygiene students outperformed  the national average within every category in the recent national board scores.  Another fine example of the quality of faculty, students,  staff and educational programs at the University of Manitoba.