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Undergraduate Fees of Dental Hygiene Program

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Instruments, Textbooks, And Uniforms

Students must purchase a dental hygiene student kit consisting of two sets of clinical instruments and uniforms. The total cost of the kit is approximately $3,300. Students are also required to purchase one lab coat. Some laboratory equipment is loaned by the school.

Students upon entry are required to purchase a laptop computer along with an electronic textbook package that will span the two year program which will amount to approximately $4,000.

Financial Aid, Scholarships And Bursaries

Financial Aid and Awards section on the U of M website also provides current financial aid information.

Dentistry/Dental Hygiene student handbook
contains valuable information for prospective and current students.

Brushing Teeth

A centre of excellence and opportunity

The program at the U of M School of Dental Hygiene provides a background in basic sciences, community health and wellness, and clinical practice.

Dental Hygiene... a winning year

The "target="_blank">Drive for Top Five" remains strong and alive as the 2010 - 11 Dental Hygiene students outperformed  the national average within every category in the recent national board scores.  Another fine example of the quality of faculty, students, staff and educational programs at the University of Manitoba.


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