Dental Hygiene Course Listings

Course No. Title
First Year
HYGN 1232 Oral and Dental Anatomy
HYGN 1234 Preclinical and Clinical Dental Hygiene
HYGN 1236 Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice I
HYGN 1238 Clinical Dental Hygiene I
HYGN 1242 Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice II
HYGN 1262 Radiology
HYGN 1270 Biology of the Head and Neck
HYGN 1280 Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
HYGN 1292 Dental Hygiene Preclinical Restorative
HYGN 1320 Dental Materials
HYGN 1340 Communications
HYGN 1352 Community Health 1
HYGN 1360 Periodontology 1
Second Year
HYGN 2100 Dental Hygiene Portfolio**
HYGN 2280 Pharmacology
HYGN 2312 Clinical Dental Hygiene II
HYGN 2314 Clinical Dental Hygiene III
HYGN 2316 Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice III
HYGN 2318 * Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice IV
HYGN 2340 Periodontology 2
HYGN 2350 Biology of Oral Tissues
HYGN 2362 Community Health 2
HYGN 2370 Nutrition in Dentistry
HYGN 2380 Pain Management
* Course now available through ANGEL
** Registration in HYGN 2100, Dental Hygiene Portfolio will also occur within the first year of the Dental Hygiene program. However, no grade will be assigned and it will not be factored into GPA calculations.