Board of Governors

The Board of Governors consists of 23 members: the Chancellor, the President, 12 members appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, three members elected by the graduates of the University, three members elected by the Senate of the University and three members appointed by the University of Manitoba Students' Union.

The Board, as the Corporate Governing Body of the University, is responsible for overseeing the administrative and business affairs of the University, including approving the annual budget and appointing and monitoring the performance of the President and Vice-Chancellor.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors are elected annually by the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors currently meet seven times per year in January, March, April, May, June, September and November.

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BOG Members
(back row left to right)
David Barnard, Jonathan Beddoes, Marc Mollot, Jeff Lieberman, Jeffery Taylor, Michael Silicz, Jerome Knysh, Jakob Sanderson

(middle row left to right) Jane MacKenzie, Carl Neumann, Kimber Osiowy, Rafi Mohammed, Mark Hudson, Madhur Sharma, Steve Demmings, Carla Loewen, Harvey Secter, Laurel Hyde, Jeff Leclerc, Sandra Woloschuk

(front row left to right) Judith Linden, Kathryn Lee, Sarah Bonner-Proulx, Taleah Taves, Kasia Kieloch

(missing from the photo) John Anderson