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Dinosaurs and other extinct giants are an ideal attraction for young and old alike, capturing the imagination and sparking interest in science and education. Visit us and take a self-guided tour of The Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie! There’s plenty of room for individuals and groups; parents and teachers with children are welcome. Our displays are accompanied by wall-mounted panels that provide explanations and diagrams.

You can prepare for your visit by previewing the “Panel” pages on this website; use the “learn more” feature for additional information. You can also explore the “Links” page. Drawings of the menagerie’s creatures, suitable for children’s activities, are available on the “Kids’ Corner” page.

When you visit The Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie, be sure to see the adjacent Geological Sciences Museum. It features numerous displays of fossils, minerals, and rocks, and has a seismograph that records earthquakes from around the world. In the hallway outside the menagerie, many choice specimens from the R.B. Ferguson Museum of Mineralogy are on exhibit.

The Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie, as well as the Geological Sciences Museum and displays from the R.B. Ferguson Museum of Mineralogy, are open to the public free of charge!

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