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The Steps to an Indigenous Masters of Social Work

The Indigenous Masters of Social Work program has a preparatory “Grounding Our Foundation” and four key steps. These four steps reflect the guidance presented by the late Art Solomon, an Anishinaabe Elder who explained that in order to know where we are going we need to know where we are; to know where we are, we need to know who we are; to know who we are, we need to know where we come from. Thus, these four key steps are entitled as the following:

Step One: Where we come from
Step Two: Who we are
Step Three: Where we are
Step Four: Where we are going (see figure 1)

Figure 1:

Each of these four steps will address the three program themes: 1) Indigenous knowledges, 2) critical social work knowledge, and 3) a major project/thesis

Required Courses
• Social SWRK 7700: Grounding Our Foundation in Indigenous Knowledges and Social Work
• SWRK 7710: Remembering our Histories: Setting our Knowledges
• SWRK 7720: Critical Theory and Indigenous Peoples
• SWRK 7730: Indigenous Research Methodologies and Knowledge Development
• SWRK 7740: Indigenous Peoples, Identity and Social Work
• SWRK 7750: Indigeneity, Power, Privilege, and Social Work
• Course 7760: Project/Thesis Seminar 1
• SWRK 7770: Social Challenges and Indigenous Helping Practices
• SWRK 7780: Social Work, Social Challenges and Indigenous Peoples
• SWRK 7790: Project/Thesis Seminar 2
• SWRK 7800: Indigenism
• SWRK 7810: Anti-Colonial Social Work
• SWRK 7820: Project Seminar Three, or GRAD 7000: Thesis

A student is required to complete thirteen (13) courses from the MSW-IK program in order to graduate. A student can choose to take a project or thesis focus. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2