MSW Revised Program

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Newly Admitted MSW Students

Program Mission

Students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and values to move beyond a generalist approach to social work into advanced innovative practice within a specialized area defined by population, issue, or type of practice that incorporates principles of respect for diversity, social inclusion, and social justice.

Students will:

  • Develop the capacity to critically reflect on values, theory, research, and existing practice approaches in a chosen area of specialization;
  • Master theories, research, policies, and practices appropriate to advanced study, including the critical analysis of the social construction of theory and practices that may reflect injustices;
  • Develop transferable analysis and practice skills pertaining to the origins and
    manifestations of social injustices, and the multiple and intersecting bases of oppression, domination, and exploitation;
  • Develop the ability to understand, apply, and critique, social work values, ethics, and practice in order to make professional judgments consistent with a commitment to promote equity and the elimination of oppressive social conditions;
  • Be able to reflect on and/or respond to the needs and characteristics of the various clienteles served by social workers that include ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual, and gender diversity; and
  • Develop a reflexive practice that critically reflects on professional expert power', white privilege, social workers' own social locations, the ways that societal oppression manifest in everyday practices, practice settings, policies, and research, and how these impact the client and/or the social worker.