Concentrated Program

Bachelor of Social Work

Fort Garry Campus

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BSW Concentration Program – Two Year Plan

Applicants wishing to complete the BSW program in two years of full-time study MUST

  • have completed 51* credit hours of general university study (transferable to University of Manitoba) prior to admission to the BSW program, and
  • have maintained a minimum adjusted grade point average (AGPA) of 3.00

*If the social work courses were part of 51 credit hours completed prior to admission to the BSW program, they will have to be substituted by elective courses after admission to the BSW program.

Student eligible to register for the Concentrated BSW program may choose to do so at the point of admission only. Students planning on completing the program in two years must follow the structure outline below, which includes completing 12 credit hours (2 full courses) during the summer session.

First Year (Fall/Winter)

 Course #  Course Title Credit Hrs
 SWRK 1310  Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis  3
 SWRK 2080  Interpersonal Communication Skills  3
 SWRK 2090  Human Behaviour and Social Work Practice  6
 SWRK 3100  Systematic Inquiry in Social Work  3
 SWRK 3130  Contemporary Canadian Social Welfare  3
 SWRK 3140  Introduction to Social Work Practice  3
One of the following three:
 SWRK 2110  Emergence of the Canadian Welfare State 3
 SWRK 2120  Britain: Poor Laws to the Welfare State 3
 SWRK 2130  Comparative Social Welfare Systems 3

Note: Any outstanding elective courses, including written English and mathematics requirements, must be completed by the end of the first year.

Summer Session

 SWRK 4210    Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice  6
 SWRK 4220  Aboriginal People and Social Work Practice  6



Second Year

 SWRK 4200  Field Focus of Social Work Practice 1
 SWRK 4300  Field Focus of Social Work Practice 2
 SWRK 3150  Field Instruction 1 12 
 SWRK 4120  Field Instruction 2 12