Bachelor of Social Work

Fort Garry Campus

Special Student Admission
A Special Student in Social Work is one who wishes to take undergraduate Social Work courses with no intentions of proceeding to a B.S.W. degree at the present time. In addition, the student is not currently registered at any other University. 

Criteria for admission are:

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours of university level courses and an Adjusted Grade Point Average of 2.5 (C+)

Students are reminded they must submit an official transcript (one bearing the university seal) to the Social Work Student Advisor along with the application form on their appointment day (University of Manitoba students need only provide a student history). There is a $90 application fee.

Once admitted as a Special Student, students will:

  • Be limited to registration in nine credit hours of required social work courses plus SWRK 1310 and SWRK 2080 .
  • Be prohibited from adding courses in the Faculty of Social Work until August (refer to the Registration Guide for specific dates).
  • Have all courses classified as “SS,” which means that courses will not generate a Grade Point Average.