Bachelor of Social Work

Fort Garry Campus

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 Degree *Years to Complete Total Credit Hours
 Bachelor of Social Work (Full-time)  4  123
 Bachelor of Social Work (Concentrated)  2  123
 Bachelor of Social Work (Part-time)  Up to 9  123

* This includes one year (30 credit hours) of prior study.

Entry Options & Prerequisites

Direct entry option
Unfortunately direct entry is not an option for the Bachelor of Social Work program at the Fort Garry Campus.

Advanced entry option
This entry option is open to students who have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours of university level study.

High school prerequisites
High school prerequisites: None

Interfaculty Option in Aging
The Interfaculty Option in Aging is offered by various faculties including Social Work. To complete the option, students will complete each of the following requirements:
a) 2610* Health and Physical Aspects of Aging;
b) 2650* The Social Aspects of Aging;
c) one field placement SWRK 3150 or SWRK 4120 in aging
d) one Field Focus of Social Work Practice course (SWRK 4200 or SWRK 4300) in aging. Students are encouraged to take courses from the participating units other than Social Work.

NOTE: *These courses are offered on a rotational basis by participating units.
Upon the successful completion of these requirements, a notation will be added to the student’s transcript.



If you have any questions regarding the B.S.W. program, please contact:

Miranda Jestadt
Undergraduate Student Advisor
P: 204-474-9356