Field Education Program

Field Forms for BSW and Pre-MSW Students

Field Application Forms
Application forms are due on or before Feb. 1 and are to be submitted by email, along with a copy of your resume, to the Field Program Assistant. Upon receipt, you will receive a password to the Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) program. In IPT, you will be able to identify up to 8 field agency preferences, due on or before March 1st.
Fall/Winter Field Application Form 
Summer Field Application Form

Course Outlines for Field
Course outlines include an overview of course objectives, methods of learning and evaluation and general expectations of students in first and final BSW Field as well as Pre-MSW Field. 
SWRK 3150 Course Outline
SWRK 4120 Course Outline
SWRK 6050 Course Outline

Learning Contract and Skills Evaluation Forms
The Learning Contract is embedded within the Skills Evaluation Form, the purpose of which is to make explicit the student’s learning goals and expectations. The Skills Evaluation is a standardized instrument that provides a consistent guide for Field Instructors and students to measure student performance.
Handout: Developing on Effective Learning Contract 
SWRK 3150 Learning Contract and Skills Evaluation 
SWRK 4120 Learning Contract and Skills Evaluation
SWRK 6050 Learning Contract and Skills Evaluation

Addendum to the Learning Contract
The Addendum supplements a student’s initial learning contract and identifies the areas of need to be addressed by the student during the specified time frame. This is to be used when a student is struggling in field and is at risk of receiving a failing grade and/or of being terminated from placement.
SWRK 3150 Addendum to the Learning Contract
SWRK 4120 Addendum to the Learning Contract
SWRK 6050 Addendum to the Learning Contract

Practice Guide: Learning Outcomes-Activities and Tasks
Practice Guide tasks may be assigned by the Field Instructor to supplement the Professional Reflective Journaling process and to support the student’s development of essential skills and attributes required for social work practice. The series of tasks are directly linked to evaluation measures and help to guide and assess students in their demonstrated learning. 
SWRK 3150 Practice Guide 
SWRK 4120 Practice Guide
SWRK 6050 Practice Guide

Professional Reflective Journaling
All students are required to complete reflective journaling, intended to foster and strengthen their understanding and development of critical thinking skills. It is recommended that journaling be used, along with the learning outcome tasks, as outlined in the Practice Guide.
Professional Reflective Journaling Form

Time Logs 
Time Log On-Line
Time Log – Print Version

Information & Resources
Field Information Resource Booklet (FIRB)
Field Orientation Presentation 2017
Career Services Interview Preparation
Career Services Resumé Workbook

Policies and Procedures
Field Instruction Policies
Social Media Policy
Confidentiality Policy
The University of Manitoba FIPPA and PHIA Policies 
The University of Manitoba, Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment Policy
The University of Manitoba Accessibility Policy
Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics
Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Guide for Ethical Practice