Educational Equity

Priority Groups 

Educational Equity Initiative
The purpose of this initiative is to achieve the equality in professional education so that no person shall be denied educational opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability. In the fulfilment of this goal, the aim is to correct the conditions of disadvantage in professional education experienced by Aboriginal Peoples, Persons with Disabilities, Immigrants and Refugees to Canada, and persons who are, because of their race or colour, a Visible Minority in Canada. Giving effect to the principle of educational equity means more than treating persons in the same way; it also requires special measures and the accommodation of difference.

The Educational Equity Initiative applies to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents in Canada. EE Priority Groups do not pertain to International Applicants and Visa Students.

Accessibility and quality education have been priorities of the Faculty for many years. The Winnipeg Education Centre, the Northern Program, and the Distance Education Initiative are examples of this commitment. The Affirmative Action Initiative was introduced on the Fort Garry Campus in 1992 to increase the number of applicants and graduates from 3 priority communities: Aboriginal; Immigrant, Refugee, Visible minority; and Disability. Interim changes to admissions procedures/policies designed to encourage BSW and MSW priority group applicants are in effect.

An Educational Equity Committee composed of faculty members, people from each of the priority groups, and students guides the initiative. Members from each respective priority community provide additional resources. Funding for the initiative has been provided by the Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba and grants from

  • Culture and Heritage Canada
  • Human Resources and Development Government of Canada.

In June, 2006 the Faculty of Social Work formally adopted the University of Manitoba Faculty of Social Work Equity Plan. The intent of the Equity Plan is to provide the basis for the continued development and institutionalization of policies and practices which support a faculty wide strategy which embraces equality, inclusion and accessibility.

The purposes of the Equity Plan are:

1. To recognize the existence and effects of current social inequities and past disentitlements and to redress these through specific and measurable strategies.

2. To ensure that the Faculty is in every instance meeting or exceeding the standards and guidelines set out in the CASSW Accreditation Standards and Educational Policy Statements, particularly with reference to diversity.

3. To ensure that the Faculty offers an educational program that enables graduates to engage in professional action to remove obstacles to social functioning and to eliminate all unjust forms of inequality

4. To ensure that the rights and freedoms of all individuals as guaranteed under the Manitoba Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are protected and promoted in all aspects of the program.