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Master of Social Work Awards & Bursaries 

 Social Work Awards  Due Date
Clara Kemila Anderson Memorial Admissions Award
(Determined by the Faculty of Social Work - students do not apply)
Elizabeth Hill Scholarship  August 31
Esther Seidl Scholarship  August 31
Galaway Foundation Scholarship  August 31 Application
Margaret Mary Burns Scholarship  August 31 Application
Margaret Mary Burns Bursary  October 1 Application
Post-graduation Awards:
(By nomination only - students do not apply) 
Maysie Roger Memorial Award
For a student who presents an outstanding thesis or completes an outstanding advanced field practice in the Leadership, Management & Policy Cluster.
Field Experience Clara Kemila Anderson Memorial Award
For an outstanding thesis or advanced field practice completed by a student in the Direct Practice with Individuals & Families Cluster.
University Awards:
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

 July 20