Current Ph.D. Students


Shuang Li


Shuang Li, is an international student, currently enrolled in the doctoral degree program at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba. Shuang earned her Bachelor of Management degree at Qingdao Technological University in 2000 and Master of Technical Economy and Management degree at Chongqing University in 2004 in China. Shuang worked as a property management and university lecturer at the Faculty of Property Management, China Women’s University in 2004. She taught and practiced in property management field and worked toward enhancing the residential environment for community residents. Shuang found she was not satisfied with only providing property management services in community development. Community residents needed more human services, which could not be offered by property management companies. Seeing this need motivated Shuang to pursue her social work education. Shuang started to study social work in 2012 and earned her second master’s degree, an MSW degree, from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2014. Since then, Shuang has taught and practiced in the field of social work in China Women’s University, until beginning her doctoral program at University of Manitoba.

As a teacher in China Women’s University from 2004 to 2017, Shuang taught 1-3 university courses per semester to undergraduate and graduate students. The courses included Case Management, Social Statistics and SPSS, Research Methods, Market Surveys, Group Work, Self-cognition and Self-growth, Life Education, Social Work Assessment, University Mathematics, Real Estate Development and Management, Real Estate Statistics, Basic Knowledge of Housing, Housing Architecture, Descriptive Geometry and Architectural Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Research on Community Property Management, and Property Financial Management. Presently, Shuang is interested in resettlement and community development issues in China. She has written and co-authored a few publications.

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