Newly Admitted BSW Students

Bachelor of Social Work

Fort Garry Campus

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Welcome to the Faculty of Social Work!

As a newly admitted BSW student you are required to carefully read and review the information below and to submit the required forms to the Faculty of Social Work. Forms can be filled out online and emailed or printed off and mailed directly to the Faculty of Social Work. Please find the address below.

1. Please review the welcome/orientation package for your program. Important information regarding course registration and selection is outlined.

a. Welcome Letter - for students admitted to the Ft. Gary Campus

2. REQUIRED FORMS (FOR STUDENTS ADMITTED TO ALL PROGRAMS) - The following forms must be returned to the Faculty of Social Work within 20 days of receiving your letter of offer.

a. Self-Declaration Form - required

b. An official Adult Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Self-Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Check – required (see information on how to obtain these documents) - Information Sheet

3. If you have graduated with a bachelor degree or have completed over 51 credit hours of transferrable university level coursework, and your GPS is 3.0 or higher, you can apply to the concentrated BSW program. Please fill out the form below and ensure that it is submitted before the start of the fall term.

a. Concentrated BSW Program Form - optional

4. Inter-Faculty Option on Aging. If you would like to focus your Social Work program in the area of Aging or would like further information, please review the documents below.

a. Inter-Faculty Option on Aging Information Sheet

b. Inter-Faculty Option on Aging Application Form - optional


Mailing Address:
Faculty of Social Work
Student Services and Admissions/Advising Office
521 Tier Building
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2