Newly Admitted BSW Students

Bachelor of Social Work

Fort Garry Campus

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Newly Admitted BSW Students

As a newly admitted BSW Student, you are required to carefully read and review the information below:

1. Please review the Welcome Package.

2. Claim U of M Computer ID 
                - How to activate your U of M computer ID 
                - Claiming your ID

3. Please review the Information Sheet and return the Self-Declaration Form 1 to: 
                - Self-Declaration Form/Information Sheet

4. Send Original Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry or Vulnerable Sector Check (Provinces without Child Abuse Registry) to:

Faculty of Social Work BSW Program
University of Manitoba
521 Tier Building
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

5. Submit Concentrated Student Form and Option in Aging (Optional) 
                - Concentrated Student Form 
                - Option in Aging

6. Complete mandatory Survey Monkey to choose Registration Info Session option. Upon completion of the survey, you will be enrolled in UM Learn to complete mandatory orientation modules before September 4, 2018.
                - Registration Information Session Survey 

7. Complete UM Learn Orientation Modules

8. Attend a mandatory orientation session on September 4, 2018. A survey with orientation details will be included in the orientation modules.

9. Purchase textbook “APA Style for Social Work” (Fourth Addition)

10. Newly Admitted Student Checklist