Dean's Office

"This is not paradise / dear adam dear eve / but it is a rung on the ladder / upwards / towards a possible/breathtaking landscape"

- Dorothy Livesay, from a poem entitled Bellhouse Bay found in The Self-Completing Tree (1986, Press Porcepic)

In addition to being a poet, Dorothy Livesay was an early pioneer in social work in Canada. Her lines above seem to me to capture much of what social work is about – struggling in an imperfect world, but engaging with all people to bring about practical improvements in our physical and social environments.

Since 1943, the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba has been dedicated to creating and expanding “breathtaking landscapes.” We do this through educating future social workers, researching important topics in the helping professions and public policy, and directly serving the communities in which we live and work.

To those thinking about pursuing a degree in Social Work – our Faculty offers high quality programs at both the undergraduate (BSW) and graduate (MSW and PhD) levels. Our faculty members will expose you to new ideas and knowledge, and will assist you in gaining professional skills for a career as a social worker in our diverse and changing world. Through our Distance Delivery program, students from all parts of Canada and beyond pursue their Social Work degree in our Faculty. Our very capable student advising staff guide all of our students through their program of studies, and help them to identify resources for success in their academic work.

To partners in the human service field and interested people in the community – our Faculty has a proud legacy of engagement with and service to people and groups in Manitoba and beyond. Our community partners span a broad range, and can be found in the Inner City and other parts of Winnipeg, northern and rural Manitoba, Indigenous communities and organizations, and various countries around the world.

I encourage all of you visiting our website to browse and learn more about the many facets of our work. Please contact us if you would like further information as a potential student, social worker, or community member wishing to engage with our Faculty.

Dr. Jim Mulvale
Dean, Faculty of Social Work