Need Help in Mathematics?

Your Instructors:

  • These are the people making the notes, teaching the course, setting the exam and marking your answers.  Outside of notes, lectures and textbooks these people are your most valuable source of information regarding what they teach.  Don’t hesitate to ask your prof!  Make use of their office hours.

The Math Help Centre

  • The Math Help Center is open 6-7 hours every day in 412 Machray Hall.  Check their website for more details and office hours:

Math Developmental Sections

  • Some Math courses have developmental sections with an extra (fourth) lecture each week.  Consider enrolling in a developmental section if you need extra help.

The "EigenClub" - Undergraduate Math Club

  • The EigenClub is an informal gathering for students.  Join the club and get help from your peers.
"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater."
- Albert Einstein