Need Help in Chemistry?
revised 8 August 2012

In CHEM 1300 and CHEM 1310

Your Instructors:

  • These are the people making the notes, teaching the course, setting the exam and marking your answers.  Outside of notes, lectures and textbooks these people are your most valuable source of information regarding what they teach.  Don’t hesitate to ask your prof!  Make use of their office hours.

Supplemental Instruction Leader: 

  • Your SI leader runs tutorial sessions and is available to help you with lecture and lab material.  Ask your Chemistry instructor or the Department of Chemistry General Office (360 Parker) for information.

Chemistry Resource Centre: 

  • The Resource Centre is run by first-year instructors and is a resource to help students understand class or lab material.  Located in 128 Parker.

Chemistry Club: 

  • Chemistry student volunteers from the Chemistry Club are available to help you understand your course and lab materials.  Located in 128 Parker

On Line Assignments:

  • Your online assignments are part of your Chemistry course and are there to test your understanding of the material.  They are available 24 hours/day.  Make use of them!

In-Class Clicker Questions:

  • These questions are intended to test your understanding of the course material.  Be an active participant.  If you have problems with any questions, ask your instructor for help.

Old Exams: 

  • Test your understanding of the course materials by taking old exams.  They will be available with your online course materials.  Check with your course instructor if you have trouble finding the exams.

Chemistry Graduate Students Association (CGSA): 

  • The CGSA runs a “Tutor-a-thon” to help with exam preparation for undergraduate students.  Dates for tutorial sessions are TBA.  There is a cost involved.  Ask for information in the Department of Chemistry General Office (360 Parker).

Private Tutors: 

  • Tutors know what has been on older exams but may not teach you in a way that will be helpful now or later in your study.