Need Help in Biological Sciences?
revised 5 January 2014

Your Instructors:

  • These are the people making the notes, teaching the course, setting the exam and marking your answers.  Outside of notes, lectures and textbooks these people are your most valuable source of information regarding what they teach.  Don’t hesitate to ask your prof!  Make use of their office hours.


  • Labs in BIOL 1020, BIOL 1030, BIOL 1410 and BIOL 1412 are all mandatory.   Labs are learning tools designed to provide practical examples of the material taught in class, and some labs have special review sessions.  Labs also offer opportunities to ask TAs and instructors questions about material you have problems understanding.

The Library:

  • On-line resources and books in the library are there to facilitate your learning and studying. There are numerous study areas in the library, and the videos for both BIOL 1020 and BIOL 1030 are available in the Sciences and Technology Library (211 Machray Hall) for viewing in the library.  Ask a librarian for help to find information and how to search the literature for term papers and lab reports.

Weekly tests:

  • Throughout the term, both BIOL 1020 and BIOL 1030 have Mastering Biology tests.  These tests are designed to help you keep up with the material in class and also go toward your final grade. Use these as a learning tool and study guide in both courses.  

Biological Sciences UnderGraduates Society:

  • BUGS is the undergraduate society of the Department of Biological Sciences. Speak to a member of BUGS for more information on test banks, books and old exams as studying aids. (Information available in 111 BSB, and the group can be contacted by E-mail:

Extra tutorials:

  • Some first year courses have extra tutorial sessions: e.g. the Distance Education section of BIOL 1000 and BIOL 1010. Ask your instructor for more information.

Cantharellus cibarius, commonly known as Chanterelle.


Cladonia uncialis and Cladonia coccifera (red)

Photos courtesy of Dr. T. Booth, Biological Sciences