Need Help in 1st-Year Science Courses?

What you need to do:

  • Attend classes and take notes
  • Review your notes
  • Read your textbooks
  • Attend labs and complete your labwork
  • Complete assignments
  • Check your online resources, such as course websites and posted lectures.

Where to find help:

The course instructor is the FINAL AUTHORITY for any course material.  If discrepancy exists in the information provided to you from a tutor or other source of help, please contact the course instructor.

Your Instructors:

  • These are the people making the notes, teaching the course, setting the exam and marking your answers.  Outside of notes, lectures and textbooks these people are your most valuable source of information.  Don’t hesitate to ask your prof!  Make use of their office hours.

Teaching Assistants: 

  • TAs are available not only to help you in the lab, they will often help you outside lab hours.  Use them!

Supplemental Instruction:

  • SI leaders are available for some courses.  Your course instructor will tell you in-class if there are supplemental instruction opportunities available for your course.

The Academic Learning Centre:

  • Located in 201 Tier Building, the Academic Learning Centre has a variety of tutorials and workshops to help you improve your study skills, manage your schedule, take good class notes and read effectively.

The Sciences and Technology Library:

  • The Sciences and Technology Library, located at 211 Machray Hall, has a host of resources for students.  For example, they have an online Research Help Guide that you can access any time.  Take the time to drop into the library and ask librarians for help to find information and search the literature for term papers and lab reports.  They are here to help you!

The Science Students' Association: 

SOS (Students Offering Support):

  • SOS provides Exam-Aid Tutoring sessions for a fee ($20 per session).  The $20 fee is a donation to raise roofs in developing communities throughout Latin America.  The student tutors are volunteers. 
  • For more information, check the SOS website.

Independent Skill Improvement:

  • Use a study method to improve your study skills, such as the PQRST Studying Method (This is a method of reading a textbook so that the information you read really does enter your long-term memory.) or SQR3 (Use the SQR3 method of reading to be an active and effective reader. SQR3: survey, question, read, recite, review).  Information about these methods can be found online.

Please get help BEFORE exams!
Don't wait until after you get poor grades.

Be Aware!

Independent Tutoring Agencies - Please Use Caution

  • Remember – your instructors are the experts in your courses; they are the people teaching the material, designing exams and marking them. If you have a question, use materials provided by your instructors and ask your instructors.  There is no additional cost for their help.  USE THEM!
  • Independent tutoring agencies are not familiar with the materials as they are currently taught in your courses.  Course material changes from year to year.  Use caution when using an independent external agency.

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