Information for International Students

Welcome International Students!

The purpose of this page is to:

  • help you understand what is available on the Undergraduate Studies Index page, and
  • provide you with some useful links that are of particular interest to International Students

Starting University - New Students

Even if you are not a 1st Year Student, but are new to the University of Manitoba or the Faculty of Science, these web pages will help you find information about: 

  • Faculty of Science Academic Advisors and how they can help you
  • Programs in Science and the courses you need to take
  • How to plan your schedule
  • Registering for courses online using Aurora student
  • Registration tips
  • Orientation sessions
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Improving your academic skills (Academic Learning Centre)

Registration Resources

  • In the Registration Resourses box you will find quick links to important websites that help you register for courses. Make sure you watch the online registration tutorials - they will help you understand the online registration system: Aurora Student.
  • This box also gives you quick links to important dates:
    • before you start classes, and
    • the Academic Schedule, which tells you when to register for courses, when classes start, the last date to drop courses, in short, all the important deadlines in your academic year

Programs in Science

  • This box provides you with quick access to all the programs (over 50) in the Faculty of Science.  You can download the different planning sheets and compare programs.  You can also learn about other opportunities in the Faculty of Science such as co-op programs and Undergraduate Summer Research Awards.

Help for Students

  • Whether you need help with planning your degree, help with study skills or help with personal or career matters, this box provides you with links to the many services available at the University of Manitoba.  Services are generally free to students.
  • The Office of Student Advocacy will provide advice and help students who wish to appeal academic matters like exams and final grades.  Their services are free to students.
  • Don't wait until matters become serious; seek help right away: the sooner, the better.

Academic Matters

  • The quick links in this box help you with information about exams, appeals and the deadlines and processes involved. Students are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the information under the Cheating, Plagiarism etc., link, because there are serious consequenes for these offences.
  • Remember, if you are unsure about what consitutes cheating or plagiarism, ask your Professors or Teaching Assistants (TAs); they are here to help you.
  • The Registrar’s Office is the place to go for information on important dates and deadlines, fees, University rules and regulations, Student ID cards, and more.

International Centre For Students (ICS)

Check the ICS website for help with:

    • visas,
    • work/study permits
    • resources on or off campus. 
  • They also have helpful links to the following UM services:
    • Housing and Student Life (information about both on-campus and off-campus housing)
    • Financial Aid and Awards (awards, scholarships, bursaries and more)

English as an Additional Language

  • If you would like help with your English language skills, the Academic Learning Centre offers programs and courses to helpn students with academic English.




off campus housing

Did you know that International Students are eligible to apply for the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Summer Research Awards (USRA)

Read about Ying Chen who worked in the Department of Statistics for the 2012 summer.