Need Help in Statistics?
revised 8 August 2012

Your Instructors:

  • These are the people making the notes, teaching the course, setting the exam and marking your answers.  Outside of notes, lectures and textbooks these people are your most valuable source of information regarding what they teach.  Don’t hesitate to ask your prof!  Make use of their office hours.

The Statistics Department provides support for students who need help with STAT 1000 and STAT 2000 throughout the term and before exams.

  • Go to the Stats Help Center, 311 Machray Hall, where TAs are present five days/week and computers are available to use.
  • Certain sections have Supplemental Instruction (SI); ask your instructor about these sections.
  • Choose a student tutor from the list in the Statistics Department office, 338 Machray Hall.
  • Review your i-clicker questions and your assignments.
    • The i-clicker questions and assignments let you know how well you are doing and if you need extra help.