Exams - General Info

When are final examinations and how do I find information about them?

A preliminary schedule of final examinations and midterm tests in full (spanned) courses, scheduled and arranged by the Registrar's Office, is posted on the Registrar's Office web site and on boards around campus as follows:

  • in late October for Fall term courses and
  • in mid-February for Winter term and full (spanned) courses.

A final examination schedule will be posted approximately two weeks after the preliminary schedule. Check the final examination schedule very carefully by lecture section numbers for each of your courses.

What if I find I have two exams at the same time?

  • When you review the preliminary and final exam schedules, check for any examination conflicts (i.e., more than one examination at the same time) and if you find a conflict, advise the Registrar's Office immediately.
  • You may also request that the Registrar's Office attempt to reschedule an examination if you have three consecutive exams (e.g., Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday morning are considered to be three consecutive exams. Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon do not constitute three consecutive exams and you would not be eligible to request rescheduling).
  • Registrar's Office information on exam conflicts 

Do I need ID to write an exam?

During the examination, you will be required to present your picture identification card.

What about Instructor Scheduled exams?

In addition there may be "instructor-scheduled" final examinations which will not appear on the final examination timetable prepared by the Registrar's Office. Be sure to consult your instructor/department regarding such exams.

It is a University of Manitoba regulation that students are to remain available during the final examination period. You should not plan any vacations or job commitments until you know the date of your last examination.

What do I do if I miss an examination?

Please visit the Faculty of Science website for information on deferring a Registrar's Office scheduled final examination.

When do I receive my final grades?

Final grades in Fall term courses (September-December) are usually available through Aurora Student during the second week in January.  Winter term (January-April) and full course (September-April) results are usually available through Aurora Student in early June.