FAQ's for the Faculty of Science

How do I apply to the Faculty of Science?

From University 1

If you have completed University 1, you can transit online to Science - it's FREE.  Welcome to Science.  Great Choice!

From another Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba or from Another Insitution

If you are applying to the Faculty of Science from another Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba, or from another institution, submit an "Application for Admission". The Application to Science page will give you the all the forms, instructions and deadline dates you need.  Great Decision!  

What is Voluntary Withdrawal (VW)?

Voluntary withdrawal is the same as dropping a course.  The Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline date is the final date by which you may withdraw from a course without academic penalty.

Is there an academic penalty associated with a Voluntary Withdrawal?

There is no academic penalty associated with a voluntary withdrawal; however, if you miss the VW deadline, you must complete the course to the best of your ability.  If you receive a failing grade, it will become a permanent part of your academic record.  It is, therefore, extremely important to know the VW deadlines for all of your courses. 

How many courses can I take?

Fall and Winter Terms: You can take up to five, 3 credit hour courses (15 credit hours) per term or the equivalent in combination of full (6 credit-hour courses) and half courses during the Fall and Winter terms (30 credit hours).  The distribution of courses can be in any combination of full and half courses, but cannot exceed 15 credit hours in either the Fall or Winter terms.  In some cases, students are permitted to exceed the maximum credit hours per term, with special permission from your Faculty.  Contact your Faculty's Student Advisor for details.

You are not required to attend full time.  You may take fewer courses than the maximum of 30 credit hours and complete your degree on a part-time basis.  However, if you are registered in an Honours program or if you have a Student Loan, there may be regulations governing the number of courses you take each term.  For information about hour Honours program, please contact a Science Student Advisor.  For information regarding your Student Loan, please contact the Financial Aid and Awards Office.

What are prerequisites and corequisites?

To find out if you are eligible to take a course, check the course description on Aurora Student for any prerequisites or corequisites. 

  • A prerequisite is a course that you must successfully complete before the next course can be taken.  There can be a minimum grade requirement for a prerequisite (e.g. C+ for university courses or 70% for a high school course).
  • A corequisite must be taken either before or at the same time as the selected course.

While some departments have one introductory course which is a prerequisite for all other courses within the department, others may offer a variety of 1000 and 2000 level courses which have no prerequisites.

  • Science courses and language courses require high school prerequisites
  • Science courses can have multiple prerequisites.  For example CHEM 2360 has the following prerequisites: one of CHEM 2360, CHEM2361, MBIO 2360, or MBIO 2361 and CHEM 2210 or CHDM 2211, both courses with a minimum grade of "C."