Fall Registration Tips

(updated 8 December 2010)

Fall registration opens for most Science students in July. (There are some earlier times for special groups of students (athletes, DSS students) - see Important Dates). Check your registration time on Aurora.

The Science General Office is very busy during registration, and we ask for your patience during this peak period. We see students on a drop-in basis, and unfortunately, there are times when there can be long waits to see a student advisor.

University 1 Students - If you are eligible to Transit, please make sure that you Transit before you register for your Fall courses. Once you have completed your Transit, you will officially be a Science student (congratulations!), and our office will be better able to help you.

Here are some helpful registration hints for Science students:  

Major and Honours Students

New Major or Honours Students

  • If you have completed U1, you can enter a Major program online when you transit to the Faculty of Science.  If you encounter any problems, please see one of our student advisors.
  • If you are entering an Honours program you must see a student advisor after you have completed and obtained departmental signatures on your Honours Approval Form. Try to do this before the start of Fall registration to avoid the lineups. The forms are available from the Science General Office in 239 Machray Hall or in your departmental office.

Returning Major/Honours Students

  • If you are continuing in a Major or Honours program, please ensure that you have dropped off your signed departmental approval form at the Science General Office. 
  • For Fall term, a hold will be placed on your record, and you will not be able to register until you have dropped off your signed form. You do not have to see a student advisor if you are in good academic standing, although you are welcome to do so. If you would like a program check - try to do so before registration begins to avoid line-ups.

Graduating Students

  • If you are graduating at the end of the Fall or Winter Term, you are encouraged to see a student advisor for a graduation check. Plan your program and try to see a student advisor before the start of Fall regisration to avoid line-ups.


  • Are you Repeating a Course? If so, you will need a Repeat Override before you can register in that course. You may not have to see a student advisor for a Repeat Override; check with the Science General Office, 239 Machray Hall.\
  • Prerequisite Override, Special Approval or a Lab Exemption? You will need departmental approval for these exceptions before you can register. Departmental Approval Forms are available at the Department Office, or the Science General Office. Please try to make these arrangements before registration begins to avoid lineups.
  • Getting a Link Error message? If you receive a Link Error message, check to make sure you have entered both the lecture section and correct lab section.

Register early; courses fill up quickly.

Good luck with registration.
Please remember, despite the busy time, we are here to help you.