Info for Internal Transfer students
Upon transferring to the Faculty of Science you are automatically entered in the Bachelor of Science General Degree. (See section 3.2 B.Sc. (General) Degree Academic Regulations in the Academic Calendar.)

Students transitting from University 1, on Aurora, can chose to transit into the General Degree of a Major Program

We would like to encourage you to consider a Major or Honours degree program. There are over 50 degree programs available to you, all with different specializations and focuses. Many of these programs also include Co-operative Education options.  You can view all of the programs available on our website here.

To declare a Major or Honours degree, follow these steps:

  1. Meet with an Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Science to make sure that you qualify for the program that you are interested in. If eligible, the Advisor will sign the Approval Form.
  2. Take the Approval Form to the department for which you are applying, for their approval and signature. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your program.
  3. Bring the signed form back to the Faculty of Science, Dean’s Office, to have your academic record updated.

Important Pre-Registration Tips:

  • Get overrides loaded early so that you are ready for your registration date. 
  • Special permission to take a course that you don’t qualify for (i.e. pre-requisite).
  • Mutually Exclusive courses such as BIOL1000 and BIOL1020.
  • Overrides are term specific so an override from last term will not carry over to the next.
  • Make sure that there are no holds on your Aurora account.  A hold will prevent you from being able to register on your assigned date/time.

If you qualify and wish to move into a major or honours program please contact the Science General Office.