Family of New Students
In order to help support first-year students, families are encouraged to review the following websites:

1st year students and their families are invited to attend Head Start, a program offered by Student Life.  Further information and registration information is available on the New Student Orientation website.

Privacy of Information

The University operates under the Freedom of Information Protection and Privacy Act. This means that the University cannot share information about a student with anyone other than the student, including a student's parents, without the student's expressed written permission. If your son or daughter would like university personnel to share information with you, or have you act on your child's behalf, he or she will need to sign a waiver.


Dr. Brian Mark, Microbiology, works on projects that include understanding how a virus shuts down our immune system.  Find out more visit UM Today Science News.

Did you know that many Science students have the opportunity to work directly on research projects with scientists?  Find out more:  Undergraduate Students in Science Research