Science Direct Entry Process
When you are accepted into the Faculty of Science under the Direct Entry route, you are automatically admitted into a 4-year undeclared Major program in your first year.

What does this mean?

It means that we are giving you the opportunity to explore all of the Majors and Honours programs that Science has to offer before you commit to one!  After working on courses in your first year or 2, you can then determine which program you want to continue with.

How do I move into a specific Major/Honours program?

Once you have completed the 24-30 credit hours required for your intended Major, you can declare your program.  You can declare your Major on Aurora.

How do I know what courses to take for specific Major/Honours programs?

You can follow the courses listed in the First Year Planning Guide for the exact first year courses needed for each program in Science.  (See the University 1 - First Year Planning Guide here)

What if I don’t know what Major I want to go into after my first year?

You can move into the 3-year General Science degree program until you decide what Major/Honours program you want to pursue.  This can be done on Aurora as well.