Choosing Courses, AP/IB Credits, Prerequisites

Choosing Courses

BEFORE choosing courses, it is a MUST to take advantage of some excellent University resources. You can learn what you need to know by:

  • REVIEWING the First Year Planning Guide. This is the essential first step to become familiar with the University and what you need to know and do. It will help you with:
    • definitions of commonly-used University terms
    • courses to take as a first-year Science student
    • entrance requirements to all faculties at the U of M (knowing the requirements is especially important if you plan on going on to other faculties such as medicine, dentistry, education, etc.)
    • choosing the appropriate course load
    • creating a timetable
    • registering for courses
    • the list of courses available to first-year students
  • ATTENDING a Faculty of Science Registration Information Session.
  • ATTENDING a University 1 First Year Timetable and Planning Session (if you are unable to attend the Faculty of Science Session).

High School Course Credits

Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Credit

Did you take AP or IB courses in high school? 

The following site will help you find out: if the courses are eligible for credit and how to claim credit.

If you have questions about how AP or IB course credit transfers and work into your program plan, check with a Science Academic Advisor.


Do you need high school pre-requisites, or do you just want a refresher?  The University has these options:

Speak with a Faculty of Science Academic Advisor for more information.