Undergraduate Admission in the Faculty of Science
HI!  Thanks for your interest in the Faculty of Science.  There are many ways you might be admissible.  Please check the following categories to see how.
Be sure to read the Science Applicant Bulletin for complete information.

Remember that once you are admitted to the Faculty of Science, there are a number of great degree programs available.  Check with a Science Advisor for information about our Major and Honours programs.

Did you graduate from high school in Manitoba?

Here are the direct entry requirements:

Manitoba high school graduation with five full credits at the Grade 12 level in courses designated S, G, or U.

A minimum 85% average over the following, with no less than 60% in each course:

  • English 40S
  • Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S (recommended) or Applied Mathematics 40S; AND
  • One of Biology 40S, Chemistry 40S, Computer Science 40S, or Physics 40S

If you don’t meet the above requirements, or you would rather not commit to one faculty at this time, you can apply to U1.  As long as you meet the minimum requirement noted, you’re in!

Do you come from another province or country and have never been to post secondary education?

You are more than welcome!  The above requirements will generally be applied to you.  Please check the U of M admissions info. Note that you may be required to show English language proficiency if from outside of Canada, or on a student visa.

Are you coming to Science from U1?

No application required – just transit through Aurora, if you’ve completed at least 24 credit hours. See a U1 or Science Advisor for more information.

Have you been studying at another faculty at the University of Manitoba (aside from U1) or another college or university?

Great!  You’ve got a head start on your Science degree.  There are two things to consider: admission and transfer credit.


We look for:

Minimum C average on 24 credit hours completed.

  • If you’ve completed more than 24 hours, and have less than a C average overall, you are admissible on the recommendation of the Dean if you have the C average on your best 24 hours.  See a Science Student Advisor for more info.
  • If you haven’t yet completed 24 hours, you can apply to U1 or to General Studies in the Extended Education Division.

Good academic standing (that means no unserved suspensions!)

No more than 36 credit hours of F grades.

Note that you may be required to show English language proficiency if you are not a Canadian citizen.
See the Faculty of Science Applicant Information Bulletin for more info.

Transfer credit:

Once you are admitted, your previous academic work is evaluated:

  • first, to see whether it bears U of M credit; and
  • second, to see how it fits into a Science degree. 

This information may not all be in place by the time you are to register, and if it isn’t, contact a Science Advisor.  All U of M work will bear credit in Science.

  • Work completed outside the U of M more than 10 years prior to admission will not be considered for transfer credit.

You can check transfer credit equivalencies on the U of M website.  Go to Aurora to see whether your previous work has already been evaluated.  Note:  if some of your courses are not on this table, it may mean that they have not yet been evaluated.  Or, it may mean that they have been evaluated, but are not currently valid; or there is no credit.  If not currently evaluated, be prepared to provide course information.

Coursework outside the U of Manitoba will be applied to degree requirements, to a maximum of 60 credit hours.  Yes, F grades will be transferred if the course bears credit at the U of M.

See the Faculty of Science Applicant Information Bulletin for more info.

Already completed a degree?

Apply as a Second Degree student (even if you don’t intend to finish another degree – there are registration advantages!)  You are admissible if:

  • You possess a first degree from a recognized university program, and
  • You have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (or 2.30 adjusted) on all previous university work.
  • You will need to present  your university transcript confirming degree completion

Work from your first degree, regardless of what degree you completed, may fulfill some requirements of the Science degree.  You still have to meet listed prerequisites, so if you plan to take Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences or Mathematics, be sure to present your high school marks, if you haven’t taken these courses at the university level.

Your second degree may be shortened by 60 credit hours on the basis of your first degree.  You still have to complete all degree requirements, so you may need more than the minimum number of hours to complete your second degree.  Speak to a Science advisor or check the information about a second degree .

Apply as a Special Student (although there are disadvantages for registration times).   You must meet the same criteria as a Second Degree student.  You are not bound by any degree requirements.  Most students in this category apply to General Studies in the Extended Education Division

No degree, no post secondary work, no high school?

You can still come to the University of Manitoba, if you are over 21.  Apply to University 1 to take university level courses as what we call a Mature student.  You still have to satisfy prerequisites for Science courses in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.  A Science or U1 Advisor can help you find the best way to accomplish this.

Admissions Office Email:  admissions@umanitoba.ca