Registering for Courses
Now that you have attended a registration information session, and chosen your courses, you are ready to plan your timetable, check your Registration Time, and generally get ready to start course registration.  Congratulations!  (If any of these steps sound unfamiliar, go to Choosing Courses for help.)

You will be registering online for courses using Aurora StudentYou will not have access to Aurora Student Registration until your Registration Time starts.  Here's some help:

Online Registration tutorials

 The tutorials will show you:

  • How to use Aurora Student
  • How to find out when courses are offered
  • How to find your Registration Time
  • How to register

Remember, if you get stuck during registration, you can access the online tutorials anytime!

Timetabling, Course Management, Course Load

University is a major transition for most students from high school.  To help you make informed decisions about timetabling, course management and course load, check the above link.

Faculty of Science Academic Advisors

Faculty of Science Academic Advisors are also avialabe to help you choose courses and plan your timetable.  However, please ensure that you have reviewed the material in the Choosing Courses web pages to make the most out of your session with the Science Academic Advisor.

Important Dates

It is important to register for courses as soon as your Registration Time becomes available.  This will increase your chances of getting the courses you want when you want them.



Not sure what you want to do with your Science degree? 

Not sure what courses to take? 

Consider a Co-op Program, where you get: real-life work experience, paid employment, connections with employers, and employment skills.  Find out more about our Co-op Programs and students' experiences.