Choosing Your Degree in Science

Degree Programs in the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers three undergraduate degree programs:

  • the four-year Honours program, B.Sc. (Hons)
  • the four-year Major program, B. Sc. (Maj), and 
  • the three-year General program, B.Sc.

(The year count includes one year in University 1 plus a further two or three years in the Faculty of Science.)

You are urged to examine your interests and future goals carefully in order to choose the appropriate degree program.  We encourage you to consult with the departments and Academic Advisors in the Faculty of Science General Office - 239 Machray Hall.

The Four-Year Honours Program

  • The four-year Honours program in the Faculty of Science is our most advanced, in-depth program and will allow you to make the smoothest transition to graduate studies. 
  • Students in the Honours program are generally involved in research opportunities and complete a project or research course as part of the curriculum.
  • Continuation in the four-year Honours program is dependent on full-time study (minimum 9 credit hours per term) and a minimum Degree Grade Point Average of 3.00. 
  • An Honours program is regarded as professional training.
  • If you graduate from the Honours program in Computer Science, you will receive the degree designation:  Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), B.C.Sc. (Hons)

The Four-Year Major Program

  • Four-year Major programs are generally quite similar to their four-year Honours counterparts.
  • Major programs give you an area of specialization, but generally do not include the project or research courses.
  • Many of the Major programs are structured so that you may proceed with a minimum of difficulty to a graduate degree. However, if you know that graduate training is your ultimate goal, you are advised to study in an appropriate Honours program.
  • The four-year Major program allows you to study on a part-time basis; it has a continuation requirement of a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00. However, it will take more than four years for you to complete all your degree requirements if you study part-time.

The Three-Year General Program

  • The three-year General program requirements ensure you have both a breadth and depth of scientific understanding.
  • The program provides the training necessary for you to tackle a wide range of jobs, and its flexibility makes it ideally suited as a pre-requisite for professional training in other faculties such as: Dentistry, Education, Law, Management and Medicine.
  • If you intend to work in a field of specialization in Science, you should enroll in either the four-year Honours or the four-year Major program.
  • The three year General program is flexible enough in most departments to allow you to choose courses that would facilitate transferring to the four-year Major.
  • In the three year General program, you choose introductory courses from four different Science disciplines to form your breadth area.  You also choose upper level courses from two different Science depth areas as follows:   
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Statistics