Celebrating Student Success

What does it mean to be a good student?

It means having good grades, but it involves so much more.  Getting the most out of your university experience, taking advantage of options like research opportunities with scientists, co-op programs, exchange programs and volunteering your time with different organizations on campus. 

Ronald Domalaon

Domalaon’s interest in medicinal chemistry was ignited early on. Working alongside Dr. Frank Schweizer, as an undergraduate summer research assistant he discovered his passion in drug design and development through organic synthesis. Through this research he published, as first listed author, his first international peer-reviewed publication: Domalaon R, Yang X, O’Neil J, Zhanel GG, Mookherjee N, Schweizer F.  Shortly after, in the spring of 2014, Domalaon graduated with a bachelor of chemistry, Biopharmaceutical Honours degree with a double minor in biological sciences and human nutrition and metabolism in the University of Manitoba. Today, he is part of a team of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working with Schweizer, developing new approaches to combat antibiotic resistance. Read more:

Jason Klusowski

Jason began university uncertain about his future.  Through hard work, dedication and the opportunities provided through a research award, he discovered his passion for statistics and mathematics.  Jason won the highest undergraduate award at the University of Manitoba and now has a vision for the future.  Read more about our students' success:

Melissa Bailey

Melissa Bailey, winner of the 2010 Rhodes Scholarship, National Co-op Student of the year and a Let's Talk Science coordinator says, "ACADEMICS ARE IMPORTANT, BUT It's just as important to challenge yourself physically, creatively and intellectually. Be involved in the greater community; work, volunteer, share your love for science/history/art etc., and travel. 

Outside of her busy schedule as an aerial dancer and a full-time co-op student, she shared her love of science through the Let's Talk Science program, working with youth in the province.

Find out more about Melissa's student experience:

David Tang

David Tang was influenced by MENTORS THAT HELPED HIM ALONG THE WAY. As a result, he was inspired to find ways to give back to the community, devoting his spare time to the revival of the Let's Talk Science outreach program at the University of Manitoba.

Under David's leadership, LTS saw an increase in both VOLUNTEERS and OUTREACH ACTIVITIES including the first All Science Challenge run at the University of Manitoba, involving 30 youth from from grades 6,7, and 8 from Manitoba schools.  He made concerted efforts to encourage and support volunteers to bring science enrichment activities to students who might not otherwises have these opportunities, creating partnerships with the Boys' and Girls' clubs, Rossbrook House and the Aboriginal Headstart Biomedical Youth Program. 

For his trailblazing efforts, David won the Let's Talk Science National Site Coordinator award.  As David says:  “WE ARE A TEAM WITH A LOT OF HEART.” 

Find out more about David's student experience:

Jacqueline Richelle

As a high school student, Jacqueline Richelle was scouted by a MODELLING AGENCY and even did a two-month overseas modelling stint.  However, she wanted to keep her options open, and took her physics textbook with her so that she could write her exams when she returned home.  Jacqueline finally decided to pursue a university-related career: “I did well in school, and I wanted to make use of that potential.  In the long term, I decided it would be more fulfilling to have a science-related career.  Modeling was more for fun than for a career.”

Jacqueline chose the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba because of the WIDE RANGE OF AVAILABLE OPTIONS.  As an undergraduate, working in Dr. Judy Anderson's lab, the opportunity for international travel came her way again.  This time sharing the technique perfected in Anderson's lab with groups of internationa researchers.

Learn more about Jacqueline's journey:


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