The Faculty of Science Field Work Advisory Committee
updated 4 May 2012

Draft Terms of Reference


The committee is composed of seven (7) members from the Faculty of Science appointed by the Dean of Science from names solicited from the Faculty of Science community at large. A majority of members are to be directly involved in field work and the remainder are to have an interest in field work. The committee is chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Science or designate. Members of the committee serve at the pleasure of the Dean. The normal term of service is three years and terms are staggered to provide some continuity while encouraging fresh ideas. Multiple terms of service are permitted.

Quorum, Voting and Minutes

Quorum consists of a simple majority of the members of the committee (not including the chair). Decisions are made by majority vote of the members present at the meeting at which the vote occurs. The chair is non-voting except to break ties. Minutes of all meetings will be kept.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Field Work Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Science has five primary duties:
  1. To advise the Dean on all matters directly related to field work as practiced in the Faculty of Science, including but not limited to:

    1. Keeping the Dean appraised of significant developments in needs and/or practice
    2. Informing the Dean of any issues that come to light that may impact on the Faculty's ability to do field work effectively
    3. Provide a basic annual report on the activities of the Field Work Advisory Committee
  2. To provide the necessary liaison between the Dean and researchers involved in field work activities, specifically:

    1. Providing timely information on the activities of the committee to the community
      and the Dean
    2. Where appropriate soliciting ideas and comments from the community on issues of current interest
  3. With approval of the Dean, to undertake specific initiatives to promote and advocate for support of field work when necessary on behalf of the Faculty of Science

  4. To handle the adjudication of applications for support of field work made to the Faculty of Science (a single late fall call for applications is anticipated). Specifically:

    1. To define, maintain and publicize a set of guidelines for what constitutes field work that is eligible for support
    2. To determine what constitutes eligible expenses
    3. To advertise the availability of support and a timeline for submissions
    4. To provide the necessary forms to allow faculty members in Science to apply for teaching and/or research support related to field work
    5. To fairly adjudicate requests for support based on the submitted applications
    6. To announce the funding decisions made in a timely manner
    7. To deal with any appeals of decisions
  5. To ensure the timely update of these terms of references and all arising policies and procedures.


The Field Work Advisory Committee is advisory to, and therefore also reports to, the Dean of Science.


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