Science Research Stories
updated 6 November 2014
Scott Kroeker Most people associate magnets and their properties with physics, but for Chemistry Professor Scott Kroeker, it's all about how magnets can be used in chemical research. Read the article in ResearchLife magazine published in 2014 Summer. More>>
einstein Verifying Einstein’s time-dilation theory. A team of scientists including Dr. Gerald Gwinner has carried out the most accurate test of relativistic time dilation. Articles are in UMTODAY and NATURE, or read the paper in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Jorg Stetefeld Crystallizing a clearer understanding of proteins. Jörg Stetefeld’s discoveries on the structure and function of proteins are a starting point for developing new drugs and other biotechnologies. Read the article in ResearchLife magazine published in 2014 Summer. More>>
Campbell and Signore Biologists Kevin Campbell and Anthony Signore discover how muscle protein helps diving mammals stay underwater. More>>
Dr. Lin Francis Lin and his research group uses a multidisciplinary approach to better understand how the movement of immune cells is guided by chemical and electrical signals.  More>>
Pourang Irani, Computer Science Pourang Irani receives funding to examine the design and technical challenges of supporting multiple users and their interactions with objects on large transparent displays. More>>
Stetefeld Jörg Stetefeld studies proteins in Malaysian Pit Viper snake venom to develop compounds that will help prevent life-threatening blood clots- the main culprits in most heart attacks and strokes.  More>>
Dr. Anderson

Gary Anderson, Biological Sciences, is working with students and collaborators to try to save the endangered Lake Sturgeon.  More>>

Teri deKievit 

It's a Jungle Out There: What bacteria can teach us about survival and predation! Teri de Kievit is piecing together the puzzle aimed at understanding how biocontrol agents inhibit fungal diseases in plants. More>>