Research At A Glance

Research in the Faculty of Science is conducted in all departments by virtually every faculty member. Research is at the core of what any Faculty of Science should be, and we are no exception. Much of the research is curiosity driven. Other research is directed at solving applied problems and is often done in partnership with industrial collaborators. Increasingly, much research is team-based, crossing discipline boundaries and involving researchers in other faculties and at other institutions both nationally and internationally.

The quality of our faculty research is high, and researchers in each department make important contributions to their respective disciplines.  Currently, four of the seven departments in Science host Canada Research Chairs. The faculty is also home to a number of Distinguished Professors, a Northern Research Chair and also a number of other research leaders.

Our researchers have been very successful in grant competitions and new infrastructure continues to flow into our research labs. All of these successes help researchers in the Faculty of Science to be highly prolific and also internationally competitive.

The Faculty's strategic research plan currently identifies four broad inter-departmental research themes: Life Sciences, Materials Science, Environmental Science, and, Computational Science and Visualization. Many of our researchers work in these areas but research is by no means limited to these four themes.  Excellent individual researchers and small research teams also work and make important contributions in a wide range of other research areas.

Research is not static. It is a constantly evolving process, and the Faculty of Science is seeking to build research potential in areas including Energy and Sustainability (important issues for a province with such a significant hydro-electric capacity) and Biological & Medical Physics (knowledge that will be increasingly important as we seek to better understand our bodies and how aging and disease impact them).
These are but a few samples of our research. Unfortunately, it is impractical to enumerate all that we do.  Additional information is available in the Faculty of Science strategic research plan and also on the research web pages of the various departments, research groups and individual researchers. We invite you to explore further and to explore partnerships and collaborations where they may be fruitful.

Photos courtesy of  Erwin Huebner,
Biological Sciences

A color 3-D projection of the DNA contained in nuclei of the female germ tissue in an ovary of a marine worm Ophryotrocha labronica. The high colorful peak shows the DNA amount in a nurse cell as compared with the low blue flatter one of the oocyte.


Pictured above is a fluorescence micrograph of live rat cardiac muscle cells in culture. They have been labelled with a specific probe to show the mitochondria in living cells. The more active mitochonria are fluorescing red while the less active ones green.