Canada Research Chairs

Current Research Chairs

updated 18 June 2012

Tapash Chakraborty, Physics and Astronomy

Canada Research Chair in Nanoscale Physics 

Research Involves: Explaining the physicsl properties of various nanostructured systems, including quantum donts, quantum rings and quantum Hall systems.

Web site: Tapash Chakraborty

Michael Freund, Chemistry

Canada Research Chair in Conducting Polymers and Electronic Materials

Research InvolvesDeveloping new strategies for controlling the chemical and electronic properties of electronically conducting polymers as well as their use in sensing applications

Web site:  Michael Freund

Peter C. Loewen, Microbiology 

Canada Research Chair in Protein Chemistry

Research Involves:   Characterizing factors that protect bacteria against oxidative stress.

Web site:  Peter C. Loewen

 Jeffrey Marcus, Biological Sciences

Canada Research Chair in Phylogenomics

Research Involves:  Learning how butterfly evolution has produced biological diversity by finding the connections between their genetic makeup and physical characteristics.

Web site:  Jeffrey Marcus

Samar Safi-Harb, Physics and Astronomy 

Canada Research Chair in Supernova Astrophysics

Research InvolvesUnderstanding the remnants left over by supernovas, and the strange phenomena that occur around those remnants.

Web site:  Samar Safi-Harb


Jörg Stetefeld, Chemistry

Canada Research Chair in Structural Biology

Research InvolvesUsing advanced imaging and biophysical techniques to study the structure, function, and regulation of proteins involved in the extra-cellular matrix.

Web site:  Jörg Stetefeld 

Former Research Chairs


Seán Cadogan, Physics and Astronomy

Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials

Research InvolvesUsing advanced nuclear techniques to study the magnetic compounds formed between rare-earth and transition elements.

Web site:  Seán Cadogan

Terry Dyck, Biological Sciences

NSERC Norther Research Chair

Research Involves:  Aquatic northern ecosystems: freshwater and marine. Long term trends in fish and other biota, fisheries resource management, acoustic technologies.


Hélène Perreault, Chemistry 

Canada Research Chair in Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry
2000 - 2010

Research InvolvesAnalytical techniques for determining the structure and function of proteins and other biological molecules 

Web site: Hélène Perreault



Created in 2000 by the federal government, the Canada Research Chairs Program enables Canadian universities, together with their affiliated research institutes and hospitals, to achieve the highest levels of research excellence to become world-class research centres in the global, knowledge-based economy.

The Faculty of Science currently holds eight Canada Research Chairs. Chairholders are research leaders or rising stars in natural sciences and engineering, health sciences, or social sciences and humanities.