Science Research News: 2011 Archive
updated 30 May 2013
Hultin and Student Synthetic and Organic?  Phil Hultin and his team of graduate and undergraduate student researchers are working on the synthesis of organic molecules that could potentially form the basis for new drug therapies.  More>>
Brian Mark and team Brian Mark and his team of researchers are discovering how a virus shuts down our immune system so better treatment options can be developed.  More>>
Kenneth Standing and Werner Ens

Physics professors Kenneth Standing and Werner Ens are pioneers for advancing the field of time-of-flight mass spectrometry.  More>>

West Grid Manitoba’s first energy-efficient High Performance Computing resources were unveiled today at the University of Manitoba as part of the Compute Canada/WestGrid initiative. More>>

Van Wijngaarden 

Jennifer van Wijngaarden’s molecular-level investigations could unlock much larger secrets, including how the universe evolves. More>>