Science Research News: 2010 Archive
updated 12 June 2013
Page and Shelley After ten years in the making, Faculty of Science physicists have 18 months to gather the data for the Qweak experimet at the Jefferson Laboratory Virginia. More>>
Whyard As we brace for another mosquito infestation, Steve Whyard, Biological Sciences, is hard at work in the battle against mosquitoes and West Nile Virus. More>>    
Kevin Campbell Kevin Campbell, Biological Sciences, just published an article in Scientific American on his woolly mammoth hemoglobin research.  The Winnipeg Free Press covers his story. More>>    
Dr. Piercey-Normore and Dr. Sorensen John Sorensen, Chemistry, and Michele Piercey-Normore, Biological Sciences, are studying bioactive natural products made by lichens in a collaborative search to find new antibiotics that can be used to fight infection.  They are scouring sub-arctic sources where few have looked before. More>>    
Dr. Gumel Abba Gumel, Mathematics, has recently been featured in The Bulletin and the Winnipeg Free Press.  Find out more about the award-winning researcher's work. More>>    
Dr. Butler

The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce that Mike Butler, Microbiology, has just been awarded $5 million for groundbreaking biopharmaceutical research.  Mike Butler is a Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Science, and is a pioneer of research and development in the area of mammalian cell technology. More>>

Sparling and Levin Richard Sparling, Microbiology, and David Levin, Biosystems Engineering, are co-leaders in a $10.4 M project looking for new ways to convert agricultural waste materials into biofuels and other products. More>>    
Galaxy Jayanne English, Physics and Astronomy, created a composite image of four galaxies that provides a rare opportunity for studying encounters among galaxies when the universe was young. More>>

Brian Mark and team

Jacky Baltes, Computer Science, was a speed skater at the 1984 Sarajevo and 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Now, along with his students, his passion and drive are devoted to robotics, artifical intelligence and machine learning, and again, he travels the world in competitions. More>>