Science Research News: 2009 Archive
updated 14 June 2013
Judy Anderson Judy Anderson, Biological Sciences, studies how nitric oxide plays a role in muscle development and repair.  More>>
Freund Michael Freund, Torsten Hegmann, and Douglas Thomson received $1.2 million to develop the components that could be used to create a clean and renewable fuel-generating system. More>>    
Chakraborty_Abergel Tapash Chakraborty, Canada Research Chair in Nonoscalse Physics, and his post-doctoral researcher David Abergel, have developed a theory which has implications for industries hoping to make the next generation of computer chips. More>>    

Julian Arino

Julien Arino, Mathematics, is the lead mathematician in the interdisciplinary team trying to understand more about the spread of diseases, like H1N1, through the air transport system. More>>