S. Pistorius (Professor)
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Room: 205 Allen
204 474 6205
Ph.D. (Stellenbosch)
Medical Physics

Recent Publications

Fu, L., Cao, Z. X., Hemour, S., Wu, K., Houssameddine, D., Lu, W., Pistorius, S., Gui, Y. S., Hu, C.-M., “Microwave reflection imaging using a magnetic tunnel junction based spintronic microwave sensor,” App. Phys. Lett. 101, 232406 (2012)

Teo, T., Crow, R., Van Nest, S., Sasaki, D., Pistorius, S., “Tracking Lung Tumour Motion Using a Dynamically Weighted Optical Flow Algorithm and Electronic Portal Imaging Device”, Measurement Science and Technology 24 074012 15pp (2013)

Sun, H., Pistorius, S., "Evaluation of Image Quality Improvements When Adding Patient Outline Constraints into a Generalized Scatter PET Reconstruction Algorithm," ISRN Biomedical Imaging. 326847, 8 pp (May 2013)

Gilmore, C., Zakaria, A., LoVetri, J., Pistorius, S., “A Study of Matching Fluid Loss in a Biomedical Microwave Tomography System,” Medical Physics. 40 (2) pp 023101-1 -023101-14 (Feb 2013)

Sun, H., Pistorius, S., “Evaluation of the Feasibility and Quantitative Accuracy of a Generalized Scatter 2D PET Reconstruction Method,” ISRN Biomedical Imaging. 943051, 11pp (Jan 2013)