B. McCurdy (Assistant Professor)
B. McCurdy photo

Room: 203 Allen
204 474 6206
Ph.D. (Manitoba)
Medical Physics

Recent Publications

Asuni, G., van Beek, T.A., Venkataraman, S., Popescu, T., McCurdy, B.M.C., “A Monte Carlo Tool for Evaluating VMAT and DIMRT Treatment Deliveries Including Planar Detectors,” Phys.Med.Biol. 58:3535-3550 (May 2013)

Chytyk-Praznik, K., VanUytven, E., vanBeek, T.A., Greer, P.B., McCurdy, B.M.C., “Model-Based Prediction of Portal Dose Images During Patient Treatment,” Med. Phys. 40 pp 031713-1-031713-11 (Feb 2013)

Rowshanfarzad, P., Sabet, M., O'Connor, D.J., McCowan, P.M., McCurdy, B.M.C., Greer, P.B., “Gantry Angle Determination During Arc IMRT: Evaluation of a Simple EPID-based Technique and Two Commercial Inclinometers,” Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 13(6) 203-214 (Nov 2012)

Asuni, G., Rickey, D. W., McCurdy, B. M. C., “Investigation of the spatial resolution of an online dose verification device,” Med. Phys. 39, 697-705 (2012).

Champion, H., Fiege, J., Potrebko, P., Cull, A., McCurdy, B., “Validation of IMRT solutions from PARETO multi-objective beam angle optimization software,” Med. Phys. 37, 3907 (2010).