J. Fiege (Associate Professor)
J. Fiege photo

Room: 517 Allen
204 474 9671
Ph.D. (McMaster University)
Star Formation, Planetary Structure
& Computational Astrophysics

Recent Publications

Hull, C.L.H., Plambeck, R.L., Bolatto, A.D., Bower, G.C., Carpenter, J.M., Crutcher, R.M., Fiege, J.D., Franzman, E., Hokobian, N.S., Heiles, C., Houde, M., Hughes, A.M., Jameson, K., Kwon, W., Lamb, J.W., Looney, L.W., Matthews, B.C., Mundy, L., Pillai, T., Pound, M.W., Stephens, I.W., Tobin, J.J., Vaillancourt, J.E., Volenau, N.H., Wright, M.C.H., “Misalignment of magnetic fields and outflows in protostellar cores,” The Astrophysical Journal. 768: 159 5pp (2013)

Rodgers, A., Fiege, J.D., “Global optimization methods for gravitational lens systems with regularized sources,” The Astrophysical Journal. 759:29 10pp (2012)

Rogers, A., Fiege, J. D., “Gravitational lens modeling with genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimizers,” Astrophys. J. 727, 80 (18pp) (2011).

Rogers, A., Fiege, J. D., “Strong gravitational lens modeling with spatially variant point spread functions,” Astrophys. J. 743, 68 (2011).

Champion, H., Fiege, J., Potrebko, P., Cull, A., McCurdy, B., “Validation of IMRT solutions from PARETO multi-objective beam angle optimization software,” Med. Phys. 37, 3907 (2010).