J. English (Associate Professor)

Room: 514 Allen
204 474 7105
Ph.D. (Australian National University)

Recent Publications

Wiegert, T., English, J., “Kinematic classification of non-interacting spiral galaxies”, New Astronomy, 26 pp40-61 (2014).

Irwin, J., Krause, M., English, J., Beck, R., Murphy, E., Wiegert, T., Heald, G., Walterbos, R., Rand, R.J., Porter, T., “CHANGE-ES. III. UGC 10288 – An edge-on galaxy with a background double-lobed radio source”, The Astronomical Journal, 146 164 (2013).

Mullan, B., …English, J., et al., “Star clusters in the tidal tails of interacting galaxies: cluster populations across a variety of tail environments,” Astrophys. J. 731, 93 (25pp) (2011).

English, J., Fiege, J., Wiegert, T., Koribalski, B., Kerzendorf, W., Freeman, K. C., “The DiVA’s mask: iconifying galaxies and revealing HI anomalies,” in Galaxies and their Masks: A Conference in Honour of K. C. Freeman, FRS , D. L. Block, K. C. Freeman, and I. Puerari, eds., (Springer, NY, 2010), pp. 105-111.

Fluke, C. J., English, J., Barnes, D. G., “Visualization-directed interactive model-fitting to spectral data cubes,” in Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX (Sapporo, Japan, 2010), Y. Mizumoto, K.-I. Morita, and M. Ohishi, eds., ASP Conference Series 434, 167-170 (2010).

Konstantopoulos, I. S., … English, J., et al., “Galaxy evolution in a complex environment: a multi-wavelength study of HCG 7*,” Astrophys. J. 723, 197-217 (2010).