C. O'Dea

Room: 336 Allen
204 474 9863
Ph.D (University of Massachusetts)
Observational Astrophysics

 Recent Publications

M. Cara, E. S. Perlman, Y. Uchiyama, C. C. Cheung, P. S. Coppi, M.
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C. Reynolds, B. Punsly, C. P. O'Dea, "Misalignment of the Jet and the Normal to the Dusty Torus in the Broad Absorption Line QSO FIRST J155633.8+351758," ApJL, 773, 10-15 (2013)

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1835 Brightest Cluster Galaxy," ApJ, 785, 44-53 (2014)

P. Kharb, C. P. O'Dea, S. A. Baum, M. J. Hardcastle, D. Dicken, J. H.
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