Meet People in Science

Bryan McIntosh tinkered with computers and cars during his childhood. This prepared him for his latest challenge as a medical physics student: helping doctors beter diagnose disease.

Katlyn Taylor Katlyn Taylor: Traveller, volunteer and co-op award winner.  
Borgersen Robert Borgersen is the recipient of the University 1 Excellence in Teaching Award 2012/2013.  
Klusowski_50x50 Jason Klusowski made the transition from a home-school class of one to 1st-year university calculus, and found his calling in Mathematics and Statistics. Read story three in our ongoing series.  
Chen_Ying_50x50 Ying Chen is an Actuarial/Statistics student who worked with Drs. Mandel and Wong in the Statistics Department.  Her project gave her experience in statistical research and optimal design.  
Jung_50x50 Josh Jung
Josh Jung spent the summer working in a research lab.  Find out more about his experience.
Cruz_50x50 Melissa Cruz
Melissa Cruz joined the Faculty of Science Co-op Program to improve her employment prospects; instead, she discovered a future in research that changed everything.
Makenbach_50x50 Sarah Makenbach
Read about Sarah Makenbach's South African adventure studying the yellow mongoose and the cape ground squirrel.
Chantal Bassett - Research Facilitator
Meet Chantal Bassett the new Research Facilitator, and learn how she went from an undergraduate wanting to be a dietition to the Research Facilitator for the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Students in Research
Each summer many students have the opportunity to work alongside their professors in ongoing research projects.  Find out about the experience.

Scott MacEwan
Read about Scott's journey from rural Nova Scotia to working on the Qweak experiment in Virginia via the University of Manitoba.

Scott Mckay
Scott McKay is a Faculty of Science student who is part of the UM team competing in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge. 

Janet Yuen 
When Janet Yuen is not in class, she is busy working as a coordinator for Let's Talk Science, an award-winning outreach program
Jacqueline Richelle
From Runway Model to Model Student

Melissa Bailey
Congratulations, Melissa Bailey, our 2010 Rhodes Scholar

Will Grierson
A Science Co-op in New York City

Sara Kost
An International Exchange and Science Co-op: A Winning Combination!

Kerri Hunter
What do Finnish rock festivals, the Icelandic Eyjafjoell volcanic eruption and the battle to find a cure for HED have in common?

David Tang
Science Alumnus, David Tang, brings the love and excitement of Science to youth in the community.

Matthew Lytwyn
Undergraduate Microbiology student, Matthew Lytwyn, is involved with cardiac research: find out how this came about.

Calen Ryan
Biological Sciences student, Calen Ryan, spent a Winter term studying in Australia.

Doug Falk
Computer Science Co-op program helps make the dream of a job at the Mayo Clinic a reality.
Science Co-op Student Gets Double Honours
Robert Beattie received two co-op awards for his research at the Max-Planck Institute in Freiburg Germany
Allyson Hindle - Shoots for the Stars
Faculty of Science graduate short-listed to join the Astronaut Corps
Saving Sturgeon from the Brink
Cheryl Klassen is hoping to shed new light on the effectiveness of using cultured lake sturgeon for the purpose of restoring their population in the wild. 
Computer Science Instructor/Novelist
Computer Science Instructor/Novelist Novelist Christina Penner always thought she would teach English courses.  Find out how she found her calling teaching courses in the Department of Computer Science.