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updated 11 December, 2014
 Dr. John Page

Dr. John Page, Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).  More.

Can Ming Hu Dr. Can-Ming Hu, Department of Physics and Astronomy, is the recipient of the 2013 UMFA Merit  Award in the Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering category for his Research, Scholarly Work and Creative Activities (the main factors to support the nomination included the quality of Dr. Hu's publications, training of highly qualified personnel and funding awards in the 2013 calendar year).
 Fractal Butterflies
Fractal Butterfiles. Research with graphene helps reveal unique phenomenon for the first time. Tapash Chakraborty is a Tier-I Canada research chair in nanoscale physics, and a physics and astronomy professor at the University of Manitoba. His students are doing research into fractal butterflies – a mathematical phenomenon expected with the behaviour of electrons in periodic lattice and a magnetic field. Read the article in The Manitoban.
Occultation A team from the department physics and astronomy, managed to capture a video image of an asteroid passing in front of a star, at the Glenlea Astronomical Observatory south of Winnipeg. The astronomical event, called an occultation, is rare and difficult to observe, and the astronomers’ ability to observe it required a great deal of skill — so much skill that an the international astronomy Sky and Telescope magazine profiled their work online. More.
 Kevin Campbell A frozen woolly mammoth found with a pool of liquid blood last year in Siberia has undergone the animal version of an autopsy, revealing new information and providing blood and tissue samples that may be used to clone the extinct ancient mammal. Biologist Kevin Campbell who had previously used DNA from a 40,000 year-old mammoth to get bacteria to make a vial of mammoth hemoglobin eagerly awaits to receive samples. Read the story at CBC News.
canadian light source Canada ships first synchrotron isotopes Alumnus Mark de Jong, Ph.D, director of accelerators, at the University of Saskatchewan's Canadian Light Source has developed a non-nuclear based method of production to create medical isotopes. Read more about it online at CBC News, World Nuclear News, or the Star.
 equipment The Department of Chemistry is punching above its weight! Recent grads include Nobel Laureate and two Banting Fellows. More
Albert Einstein  Verifying Einstein’s time-dilation theory. A team of scientists including Dr. Gerald Gwinner has carried out the most accurate test of relativistic time dilation. Articles are in UMTODAY and NATURE, or read the paper in Phys. Rev. Lett.
 FIRA 2013 Department of Computer Science's Autonomous Agents Lab wins 2nd in Wall Climbing competition and 3rd place in Sprint competition at 2014 FIRA HuroCup in Bejing, China. More
 Undergrad Research Poster Comp 2014 Congratulations to the Faculty of Science students who won and participated in the 2014 Undergrad Research Poster Competition. Winners: Sandeep Kaur (Physics & Astronomy), Michael Xu (Science), Ryan Wang (Science), Steven Anderson (Biological Sciences), SeoHyun Jo (Plant Science), Katrina Zmavc (Science) and Vishal Thakur. More
 AUCC Fessenden Trott Scholarship

Congratulations to Anna Liu, second year student, the recipient of the Fessenden Trott Scholarship.

 Joshua Jung Congratulations to Joshua David Jung, (B.Sc. Physics-Computer Science) the 2014 Governor General's medal winner: awarded for the highest standing at the undergraduate level at the University of Manitoba.
Scott Kroeker

Most people associate magnets and their properties with physics, but for Chemistry Professor Scott Kroeker, it's all about how magnets can be used in chemical research. Read the article in ResearchLife magazine published in 2014 Summer. More.

Jorg Stetefeld Crystallizing a clearer understanding of proteins. Jörg Stetefeld’s discoveries on the structure and function of proteins are a starting point for developing new drugs and other biotechnologies. Read the article in ResearchLife magazine published in 2014 Summer. More
FIRA 2013 Department of Computer Science's Autonomous Agents Lab won the King's class all-around event of the 2013 FIRA HuroCup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More>>
Klusowski_Jason Congratulations Jason Klusowski, (B.Sc. Mathematics-Statistics) the 2013 Governor General's medal winner: awarded for the highest standing at the undergraduate level at the University of Manitoba.  More>>
Kanan_Duaa Duaa Kanan receives a Volunteer Service Award from Premier Greg Selinger for starting the first Student Offering Support (SOS) program at the University of Manitoba.  More>>
COMP_Programming The UM programming team, Bisons with Byte, are heading to the World Finals in St. Petersburg in June 2013.  More>>
Welihinda_120x90 Chamath Welihinda wins the McGraw-Hill Ryerson scholarship for integrity, engagement, and initiative in the classroom.  More>>
Choy_rotated Congratulations to Emily Choy, the L'Oreal Canada for Women in Science Fellowship winner who will be mentoring young women in science.  More>>