Graduate Research Assistanships
Faculty of Science Research Assistantship Support
Policies and Guidelines

  1. These funds are to aid regular members of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Science who are supervising and financially supporting graduate students. Adjunct faculty members are not eligible. The funds are provided from the Faculty of Science operating budget.
  2. Within certain constraints, these guidelines are intended to provide departments with as much flexibility as possible, so that they can be used both to support current students and to recruit new ones. Specific mechanisms are the responsibility of the departments.
  3. Funds are to be awarded in units of $7,000 per year, with a required “matching” contribution of at least $3,000. The source of the additional match is normally a research grant held by the supervisor, but other sources may be used in special circumstances. Funding awarded directly to a student, for example a scholarship, is not eligible for this purpose. (Subject to any additional constraints decided by the department, students may hold scholarships, but the scholarships do not count towards the match.)
  4. Funding is meant as a contribution towards the support provided to a student by a supervisor for limited periods of time. Support associated with an individual graduate student may not exceed four years in total, which may include up to two years as an M.Sc. student. Possibilities include two years as an M.Sc. student plus two as a Ph.D. student, one as an M.Sc. student plus three as a Ph.D. student, or four as a Ph.D. student.
  5. Departments may put more stringent limits on the duration of funding, as long as they do not exceed the limits for total and M.Sc. funding as in point #4.