Welcome to the graduate studies pages in the Faculty of Science.

Graduate studies and research are often closely related. Many of the M.Sc. and all of the Ph.D. programs offered in the Faculty of Science are research based. This allows students to explore topics at the leading edge of their fields and to acquire the skill set required to undertake their own future independent research. Some M.Sc. programs are course or project based and are geared towards direct practical use of skills in industrial or other settings. Regardless of which program you choose, you will receive excellent training, exposure to modern tools and techniques and you will be able to learn from faculty members who are leaders in their fields.

Graduate programs are often quite different from undergraduate ones. Not only is the work "more advanced" but novel ideas and methods are commonly explored opening possibilites such as observing things that have never been seen before and creating new techniques to solve problems. Further, close work with faculty members including student supervisors and advisory committees allows graduate students a variety of interaction possibilities. This stimulating environment facilitates exploration of a broad range of research ideas. Many students find graduate studies far more exciting than " just taking courses" and discover that their grades and abilities improve significantly as a result.

In some fields, graduate studies also opens doors to job opportunities that an undergraduate degree alone may not. By completing a graduate degree, you distinguish yourself by showing an exceptional level of maturity, independence and ability for critical thought.  These are very attractive qualities to virtually all employers. Of course, if your end goal is to be a faculty member at a university, then graduate studies is an absolute necessity.

If you're thinking of graduate studies, talk to some of your professors - they'll be able to tell you about opportunities specific to your discipline.

Applications for graduate studies can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies web site.